Preppy Due Process


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Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney wants Judge Brett Kavanaugh to testify first about her allegation that he sexually assaulted her in high school. Then her client will talk. No confronting his accuser there.

Professor Dershowitz was livid. He called the demand “anti-due process, anti-American.”

And Heather Wilhelm detects a whiff of anger towards white males educated in prep schools:

Oh. Well, never mind. It’s a good thing we’re dealing with an abstract mental mock-up of a “privileged” preppy white man who represents all of our pent-up resentments and issues, rather than with a serious, potentially career-destroying accusation against a real human being with a family and a job and a soul!

4 Responses to Preppy Due Process

  1. scruffyleon says:

    I guess she was still to drunk to report it. LOL
    This is not Trump Derangement Syndrome,
    it is Mental Derangement Syndrome.
    What else do you expect from the Left?

    • Allan says:

      I expect evidence to support the claim that a disproportionate quantity of women are unfit to be admitted to any law school. Sure enough, a leftist lawyer is providing the evidence in a dramatic way that will provide a teachable lesson for generations of law students.

  2. Pete Perez says:

    *Judge Kavanaugh did Not go to a so called”Prep School.”
    He went to a Catholic School just like I did for ten years.
    My Catholic Schools were also in D.C.
    Discipline is #1 in Catholic Schools !*

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