Here She Comes, Sans Swimsuit, Miss America

sans swimsuit

It started out as a bathing beauty pageant to keep tourists hanging around Atlantic City after Labor Day. But now Miss America is dropping its swimsuit competition. It was a hundred year old institution. And Gretchen Carlson thinks its time has passed. But the Miss America franchise itself will continue, sans swimsuit.

Speaking of sans swimsuit, Playboy – also long in the tooth – dropped its nude photos a while back. They thought people really would read it for the articles. They were wrong.

We’ll soon learn if people will watch Miss America to get to know “who the person is and their goals and substance.”

No word yet on if the competition will be open to men.


One Response to Here She Comes, Sans Swimsuit, Miss America

  1. scruffyleon says:

    Why show the contestants at all?
    Put them behind a screen and ask them questions.
    Look at all the bad business decisions…first, the NFL, then the NBA, now the Miss America Pageant.

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