Unemployment Benefits

131213-unemployment-grow-economyPresident Obama wants to increase unemployment benefits. Not just to help the unemployed, but to grow the economy.

Unemployment insurance is one of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy.

Unemployment Benefit

The science tells him that every dollar spent on unemployment creates $1.80 in growth. The WSJ calls this:

…the theory that you can increase employment by paying more people not to work…If that theory worked, the government should pay everyone not to work.

This is the same theory that told him in his first term that a trillion dollar stimulus would be the most effective tool there is to boost our economy.

Here’s a short piece from Commentary that ties together government’s self-interest in the belief in Keynesian economics and global warming.

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  1. David Hawthorne says:

    Chip, you blockhead. Cartooning, humor, wit, are supposed to be inherent in smart work. Even the ring of truth. This time, however, you did a disservice to all of those endearing products of your craft. This is just ignorant, We have been pumping money into the hands of the 1% at a staggering rate since Ronald Reagan advocated “trickledown economics, As you must acknowledge, it all flowed uphill, and when it got there it went into K-Street, the only industry that has burgeoned year-on-year ever sense. Obama is right: give an out of work person a$1.80 and s/he will spent all of it, The money will all roll uphill, the wad getting larger and larger. When it gets to the top, it will travel to the Caymans or flow or into the capital funds that pay handsome dividends to people who already have more than they can possibly consume. What trickles down only goes as far as the outstretched sweaty palms of lawyers, accountants, lobbyists –and at the lowest level- politicians. …or maybe, cartoonist willing to make a buck off of tickling the family jewels of the fat and satisfied. Remove me from your list. I already have toilette paper.

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