Lockerbie Bomber Walks


The terrorist who killed 270 innocent people by blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland was released from prison on grounds of compassion due to his terminal prostate cancer.   Here’s the story.  He was given a hero’s welcome by an exceedingly compassionate crowd when he returned to Libya.

2 Responses to Lockerbie Bomber Walks

  1. peter1520 says:

    Kenny MacAskill is the sole liberator of the Lockerbie bomber, al-Megrahi. Is it coincidence that his last name has embedded in it the words “Ass” and “Kill”? He will forever be known as the compassionate Scottish moron. No wonder why they wear kilts in Scotland. No more scotch for me!

  2. Beve says:

    I’m glad you chose this subject matter Chip. Somethings are hard to explain. I guess you can only say “Absurd”.

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