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Dispatch From the Right Wing War Against Women

The Fluke Flap has not gone well for Rush Limbaugh.

It all began when Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke advocated,┬ábefore a congressional committee, for the Obama free contraception mandate . On his show last week, Rush riffed that Fluke wants us to pay for her sex, and when you are paid for sex that makes you a prostitute. His comments over the next 3 days were even less gentlemanly. This being a “war against women”, the enemy counterattacked with full frontal vengeance.

By Saturday one of Rush’s few remaining advertisers was his own iced tea company. He apologized.

The real question is whether Georgetown University should be forced by the federal government to violate its religious principles. Then again, when an institution willingly covers up its religious principles, maybe not.

Click for NBC Washington story about Georgetown University covering Jesus symbol for 2009 Obama speech.

James Taranto thinks Fluke is the Cindy Sheehan of The Pill.