You Are the Product on Facebook

cambridge analytica

A company named Cambridge Analytica aquired personal information on 50 million Facebook “friends.” How? Facebook users provided it by answering questions on a personality quiz. And that in turn provided information on their unsuspecting “friends.


Candor Man

candor man

Andrew McCabe showed a “lack of candor” when answering questions about the Clinton Foundation investigation. That’s according to the Justice Department inspector general. So Jeff Sessions fired him. Just days before he would have received his pension.


Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has also been known for  a lack of candor. But he was offering the “least untruthful” answer possible. And he kept his pension.

Stormy Daniels Campaign Finance Scandal

campaign finance scandalEleven days before the 2016 election Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000. In exchange she signed a non-disclosure agreement. That was to keep her quiet about her alleged one night love affair with The Donald in 2006.

Campaign Finance Scandal

But Stormy didn’t stay bought and now it appears Cohen might have a problem of his own. Common Cause thinks the hush money amounts to an illegal in-kind campaign contribution.

So far, he FEC isn’t showing much interest. They say they lack resources and an investigation would take well over a year.

Journalists are showing even less interest. Paul Mulshine explains why it’s not a story in the Star- Ledger. And The Daily Mail reports Daniels tried to peddle her story for $200,000 but got no takers.


Facebook Regulation

Facebook is getting hammered for colluding with the Trump campaign by allowing Cambridge Analytica to access its user data. But the Obama campaign was praised for similar data mining in 2012.

Facebook Regulation

Now Reason says Mark Zuckerberg is “going all in on government regulation:”

“The question,” he toldWired‘s Nicholas Thompson, “isn’t ‘Should there be regulation or shouldn’t there be?’ It’s ‘How do you do it?'” On CNN, he said, “I actually am not sure we shouldn’t be regulated. I think in general technology is an increasingly important trend in the world. I think the question is more what is the right regulation rather than ‘yes or no should we be regulated?'”

According to The Wrap Mark Zuckerberg lost another billion since I drew the cartoon.

Trump Do Not Call List

do not call

President Trump defied his handlers by calling Putin to congratulate him on his election victory. He was specifically told in a leaked all caps note:  DO NOT CALL PUTIN. And he did it anyway.