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The Speech of His Life


Following the Ted Cruz non endorsement, Trump must give the speech of his life. So they say.

Lock Her Up



Chris Christie used his time on the RNC podium to prosecute Hillary Clinton. After reciting various moments in her public life he asked, “guilty or not guilty.” Then the frenzied crowd responded, “lock her up.” Here’s a funny replay of the speech from The Onion.

Lock Her Up

Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post called it “the chant of a banana republic.” But Molly Hemingway in The Federalist explains why “calls to lock her up are entirely reasonable.”

Republican Convention Protesters

Republican Convention protestors

The Republican National Convention opened with a floor fight when The Never Trump crowd tried to overthrow the presumptive nominee. They claimed to have gathered enough signatures to change the rules requiring delegates bound to Trump to vote for him. But the signatures never saw the light of day. The protesters lost on a voice vote. Chaos ensued.

Republican Protesters

Trump went on to win the nomination last night with 1,725 delegates. He only needed 1,237.

Still, the mission of convention Republicans seems to be to be to sell The Donald – to other Republicans.

I’ve been spending some time at the RNC in Cleveland. My mission is to produce a daily sketchbook for the Akron Beacon Journal and the Tampa Bay Times. I’ll post some of the sketches on Bokbluster along with my regular cartoons.


Lying to FBI and American People


Hillary Clinton didn’t testify under oath in her three and a half hour interview with the FBI. Director Comey said there was no evidence she was lying. There was no transcript either.

On Monday a federal judge delayed ruling on a deposition of Hillary. The deposition was requested by Judicial Watch as part of its lawsuit against the State Department over her private email server.

Black Lives Lie Matters

black lives

The deaths on live video of Philando  Castile and Alton Sterling created a shocking impression, to say the least. How do you draw a cartoon about a snuff film?

I held off because things don’t always turn out the way they seem. Learned that from the Michael Brown case in Ferguson. Brown was portrayed by the media as a “gentle giant”. Eric Holder’s Justice Department found him to be a thug who was shot and killed while attacking a police officer.

“Hands up don’t shoot” was a lie but Black Lives Matter ran with it anyway.

The irony is five Dallas police officers died while defending a Black Lives protest march.

” I may not agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Not just words.

Black Lives

Eugene Robinson explains here why “the racial divide, has its roots in lingering claims of white supremacy.”

John Gibbs explains here why Robinson is full of it. He blames Obama for wrongly “accusing the police and justice system at large of racism.”

And here’s an eight and a half minute YouTube by Paul Joseph Watson that tells the truth about Black Lives Matter.