Memorial Day Remembrance

At 3 pm on Memorial Day people will stop what they’re doing to remember those who make it possible.

I’m thinking of Adam Hamilton today.

Update: I meant to include this and left it out in the rush last week. It’s a column from the WSJ by Col. Tom Manion USMCR (retired), whose son was killed in Iraq.

Not everyone, however, was into the spirit of the day. Here’s Chris Hayes on MSNBC. And here’s his apology.

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2 Responses to Memorial Day Remembrance

  1. Justin T. Gurksnis says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am glad to see that you are one who wants to take time to remember Memorial Day properly instead of only partying and having a day off from work. On these holidays I always bring out my DVD’s and try to play the ones that apply to the holiday. For instance, June 6th I play either ‘The Longest Day’ or ‘Midway’, on December 7th I play ‘Tora Tora Tora, etc. I wish more people would remember these holidays and like you say take time to remember what we have the day off for. I have just one concern with your cartoon. It is with the caption ‘Please stop for a moment to remember those who have served.’ That caption would be more for Veteran’s Day and not Memorial Day. I always thought Memorial Day was to remember those who have fallen for their country and the caption ‘Please stop for a moment to remember those who have died.’ would be more appropriate.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment,
    Justin T. Gurksnis

  2. Peter says:

    Great comments Justin. I think of Sgt. Mark Lalli who survived a horrible helicopter crash about three years ago and many others that have served.

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