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Texas Battle Cry: Remember the Windmills

Texas, windmills,

Texas gets 23% of its energy from windmills. J.R. Ewing must be spinning in his grave. He’s probably trying to generate some heat. The windmills don’t. They’re frozen.

Texans are freezing without power, but remember the Alamo! Texans will stay and fight to the end. All except Senator Ted Cruz that is. He lit out for Cancun.

National Icon Killing Wind Farms

131217-windturbine-eagles-national-iconsIt’s open season on national icons like the bald eagle – if you’re a wind farm.

National Icon Killing Wind Farms

According to David Yarnold, president of the National Audubon Society, the Obama administration has issued a “blank check” to kill eagles and other flying species that get in the way of wind turbines. You can read the NYT story here.