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Update to Seventh Inning Stretch Marks

Dave says he’s sorry.  Sarah accepts on behalf of women of the world.  They kiss…just kidding.

Seventh Inning Stretch Mark

Nothing like taking your kid to a ball game.  Especially  if she gets knocked up by A Rod in the 7th inning.  That joke was an amusing crack about A Rod from Letterman’s fertile imagination but it came at the expense of Sarah Palin’s daughter.

After being batted around like a pinata, Palin finally had Letterman in the crosshairs.  She should have slapped him with her hunting glove, accused him of insulting her daughter, and challenged him to a duel.  Instead she went all identity politics on him.

One thing about  Palin that always appealed to me (besides the makeup) is that she used to be against that kind of stuff.