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Two Corinthians


The Donald is reaching out to Christians with Bible quotes. In a speech at Liberty University he quoted St. Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. He called it “Two Corinthians”. The Pharisees of the press were quick to jump on this proclaiming the proper usage is “Second Corinthians”.

Sanctions on Iran

160115-sanctions on iranIt’s unclear what happened to the American sailors caught and released by Iran.

First it was a mechanical problem, now a GPS malfunction is blamed for sending the ships off course. No matter. Sixty-five percent in the Real Clear Politics average of polls think the whole country is headed in the wrong direction.

The sailors apologized, were fed, cried, humiliated, and released. John Kerry thanked the Iranians.

Sanctions on Iran

Sanctions on Iran were to end today under terms of the nuclear deal.

New York Values

160116-new-york-valuesTed Cruz stood up to Trump in the Charleston debate but the “New York values” card backfired on him.

The Donald gave an eloquent response about 9/11. Some of us here in flyover country actually kind of admire New York. And when Cruz said he meant New Yorkers aren’t conservative Trump mentioned that William F. Buckley was a New Yorker.

New York Values

Meanwhile many actual New York voters were pissed. At least the ones at the Daily News were.

Update: Kevin Williamson (who writes for Buckley’s magazine National Review) defends New York values and says of Cruz, “He is a very, very smart man who apparently believes that the median Republican presidential primary voter is very, very dumb.”


Cancer Cure Czar

160114-cancer-cure-czarPresident Obama appointed Joe Biden Cancer Cure Czar.

Obama said he was putting Joe in charge of mission control for a “moon shot” to cure cancer. Politico reports that cancer researchers like the resources but not the “moon shot” approach.

Cancer Cure Czar

Maybe a war on cancer approach would be better than a moon shot. President Nixon tried that in 1971.

State of the Union Farewell

160113-state of the union

In his farewell State of  the Union speech, President Obama said the economy is booming, ISIS is still the JV team, and we need to embrace change.