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Mothers Day in Baltimore


Nothing is more embarrassing than having your mom smack you upside the head and drag you home in front of your fellow rioters. Toya Graham didn’t want to see her son become another Freddie Gray . Her solution upstaged President Obama who condemned the violence in Baltimore, blamed Republicans, and called for more spending.


Clinton Talk not Cheap


Actually, for Hillary Clinton talk is cheap compared to Bill. The Washington Post found he earned over $100 million in speaking fees between 2001 and 2013. $26 million of that came from companies that contribute to the Clinton Foundation.

Could Bill really be vice president? Fact Check calls it a “constitutional conundrum”.

Tax Hacks



The IRS is underpaid and overworked. So says Commissioner John Koskinen. Maybe that’s why some employees are fast and loose with your personal tax information.

Ayatollah Advice


Ayatollah Khamenei recently held a fire and brimstone revival in Iran. He said there would be no nuclear deal unless sanctions are lifted immediately.The Supreme Leader then presided over a rousing chorus of Death to America chants.


Hillary Quits Shaky Foundation


Candidate Hillary announced her resignation from the board of the Clinton Foundation yesterday, leaving Bill and Chelsea holding the bag.