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Really Cool Things

151031-really-cool-thingsAccording to Politico, “Jeb Bush has had it with you.” Maureen Dowd thinks that Trump has gotten into Jeb’s head.

A week ago, Jeb griped “I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, being miserable…”

Dowd says, “we all know he doesn’t.”


Kasich Fantasy

151030-kasich-fantasyOhio governor John Kasich is trying to position himself as the grownup in the Republican free-for-all. He has solid credentials. He’s a two term governor of a swing state with a 2 billion budget surplus. He was chairman of the House Budget Committee when the federal budget was last balanced in 1997.

It’s an impressive resume, and he’s impressed by it.

Kasich Fantasy

Kasich does not take The Donald or The Doctor (Ben Carson) seriously. They annoy him.

In Wednesday’s debate he called the various Trump and Carson immigration and tithing tax plans a fantasy. Given the hostility of the CNBC moderators you’d think someone might have picked up on the theme. Instead they asked about fantasy football.

Speaking of fantasy, this morning’s Real Clear Politics poll average has Trump at 27, Carson at 22.2, and Kasich at 2.2.



Obama 60 Minutes Interview

101014-sixty-minutesI was in Kuwait and Iraq last week – more on that later.

While I was gone I noticed president Obama made another 60 Minutes appearance with his go-to guy, Steve Kroft.

60 Minutes

In the past Kroft has served up fat softballs to the president. Here’s a link to a joint interview he did with Obama and Hillary Clinton after the 2012 presidential election. (Click on Connor Friedersdorf.)

This time, instead of softballs, Kroft offered a few change of pace questions that annoyed both the president and the far left media. During one of the president’s rambling responses Kroft told him he felt like he was being filibustered.

Obama’s comment on “local Sunnis” is one Kroft didn’t follow up on, so I did it for him.

Putin’s Quagmire


Vladimir Putin is in Syria killing people and breaking things. He told the US to get out of the way. Putin’s the new cop in the Middle East. He says Russia is part of an alliance to stop ISIS, like the alliance to stop Hitler. But he seems more interested in stopping the revolt against his guy, Bashar Assad.


Barack Obama is flexible. He showed no sign of humiliation. He even welcomed Putin but warned him about be getting into a quagmire. Then he got out of the way.

Russian Red Line


Having drawn a red line in Syria, President Obama was unwilling to take action after Bashar Assad gassed his own people. Putin stepped in to save Barack’s bacon by setting up an inspections regime to remove poison gas from Syria.

Russian Red Line

On Monday at the UN President Putin said Russia would step up its support for Syria. Secretary of State Kerry welcomed the idea hoping Putin would do some of the dirty work needed to beat ISIS. On Wednesday the Russians told the Americans to get out of the way and bombed near Homs. The US says ISIS isn’t in Homs but “moderate” Syrian rebels are.

Now, according to the Telegraph, our new best friends, Iran and Hezbollah, are joining the fight.

Speaking of that red line – in 2013 Obama denied ever setting it. On Tuesday Josh Ernest insisted the president does’t regret setting it.