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Mandatory Voting


We have mandatory death, taxes, and healthcare. Why not voting? The president thinks it’s a good idea.

Sober Secret Service


Sober Secret Service operatives want to spend $8 million to build a fake White House. Here’s the story in the Onion.

Bracket Buster


It’s March Madness week. The president has a pen, he’s filling out his bracket, and he doesn’t need Congressional approval. Here’s a cool bracket from FiveThirtyEight. You can roll over any team and it will give that teams chance of winning any game right up to the championship.

Half Baked Near Treachery

150313-half-baked-near-treacheryForty-six Republican senators have signed a letter written by freshman Senator Tom Cotton to the leaders of Iran. The letter explains that the nuclear deal President Obama is negotiating is non-binding and won’t survive after he leaves office.

For that breech of etiquette foreign policy expert Leslie Gelb, in a Daily Beast column, says “Republicans hate Obama more than a nuclear Iran”. He calls the letter an act of “near treachery”. (On the other hand, in January he demanded that Obama fire his staff and meet with Senate leaders.)

Fellow foreign policy expert, David Ignatius, says the Senators’ letter is “Grossly irresponsible”.

Michael Gerson thinks the letter is a “half baked” scheme brought on by Obama cutting the Senate out of the process.

Mark Thiessen says it’s not a big deal because it’s all happened before – and he was part of it.

Carl M. Cannon thinks calling the Senators  traitors is “beyond Orwellian”.

And Molly Hemingway, in The Federalist, complete with a photo of veteran Tom Cotton holding a kitten while on military duty, calls the whole over-reaction a “media smear”.

Hillary Self Server

150307Hillary-self-serverNow that we know Hillary hid public information on her own private server, will her past scandals come back to haunt her? Maybe not.

Lois Lerner “lost” thousands of IRS emails when a server “crashed” and had to be put down. She seems to be weathering the storm so far.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson kept a secret email account under the name Richard Windsor. Mr. Windsor won an award and now has a cushy job at Apple.