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Bipartisan Farm Bill

140130-bipartisan-farm-bill-cartoonCongress got something done last week. It passed a bipartisan, 10 year, trillion dollar farm bill.

The farm bill includes insurance against “adverse price movements”. Isn’t that what the credit default swaps were supposed to do for subprime loans before the great recession?

Bipartisanship on Farm Bill

It’s all too much for the editors of  National Review who note that:

Many crop prices are near all-time highs, and if they drop as expected, new loss-protection programs could — likely will — cost billions more than the CBO calculates.

In an even rarer case of bipartisanship the Washington Post editorial board agrees:

Supposedly necessary to secure the nation’s food supply at a time of record farm income and epidemic obesity, this federal largess flows almost regardless of how much money its recipients already have.

The Post then calls on President Obama to use his pen to veto the bill.

More Bipartisan Farm Bill Update:

Bloomberg reports the Senate threw out a requirement that members of Congress would have to publicly report if they receive federally subsidized crop insurance.


Separation of Powers

140129-three-branches-separation-Powers-cartoonDuring his State of the Union speech the president again emphasized his intention to go it alone. He’s his own separation of powers. He’s got a phone and a pen and he don’t need no stinking Congress.


Back in December Law professor Jonathan Turley said that President Obama is “becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid”.

Big Stack of Affordable Care Act

140124big-stack-affordable-care-act-copyThe Affordable Care Act has 20,000 pages of regulations. Nebraska senate candidate Ben Saase uses the thing in a 9 foot high stack as a prop. It’s held together by a pipe right jammed down the middle. He would like to impale it permanently.

I Have a Pen Speech

140114-pen-recess-appointmentPresident Obama gave his I Have a Pen Speech yesterday. He waved his pen and said he also has a phone.

He then warned Congress that if it doesn’t do his bidding he would have his way by executive order. He would do that with the pen. He would use the phone to rally “non-profit and private sector support” for his agenda.

He didn’t mention recess appointments. In 2012 he declared the Senate in recess, even though the Senate said it was not. He then used the self-proclaimed recess to appoint 2 new members to the National Labor Relations board without Senate approval.

The Supreme Court is not looking kindly on the maneuver.


Plastic Gun


 Nowadays you can make a plastic gun with a 3-D printer and slip it past an airport scanner.

“Who in God’s name wants that?” asked Chuck Schumer. So the senate renewed the Undetectable Firearms Act.