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The White House Front Door

140924 White House Front Door

Last Friday a knife carrying nut climbed the White House fence and walked through the front door without knocking. Ron Fournier blamed the VA. Dana Milbank blamed budget cuts.

Mark Steyn has pointed out that the first family’s presidential perks run over a billion dollars a year. The entire British royal family only sets their subjects back $57 million.

The American royal family travels in aircraft outfitted with a gym, theatre, and heat seeking missile protection. The president’s limo “The Beast” also makes the trip along with 45 or so other vehicles and 200 secret service agents.

I blame the guy who forgot to lock the door.

Retractable Debt Ceiling


The House voted to retract the debt ceiling with no restrictions and the Senate approved about 5 minutes later.

Bipartisan Farm Bill

140130-bipartisan-farm-bill-cartoonCongress got something done last week. It passed a bipartisan, 10 year, trillion dollar farm bill.

The farm bill includes insurance against “adverse price movements”. Isn’t that what the credit default swaps were supposed to do for subprime loans before the great recession?

Bipartisanship on Farm Bill

It’s all too much for the editors of  National Review who note that:

Many crop prices are near all-time highs, and if they drop as expected, new loss-protection programs could — likely will — cost billions more than the CBO calculates.

In an even rarer case of bipartisanship the Washington Post editorial board agrees:

Supposedly necessary to secure the nation’s food supply at a time of record farm income and epidemic obesity, this federal largess flows almost regardless of how much money its recipients already have.

The Post then calls on President Obama to use his pen to veto the bill.

More Bipartisan Farm Bill Update:

Bloomberg reports the Senate threw out a requirement that members of Congress would have to publicly report if they receive federally subsidized crop insurance.


Unemployment Benefits

131213-unemployment-grow-economyPresident Obama wants to increase unemployment benefits. Not just to help the unemployed, but to grow the economy.

Unemployment insurance is one of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy.

Unemployment Benefit

The science tells him that every dollar spent on unemployment creates $1.80 in growth. The WSJ calls this:

…the theory that you can increase employment by paying more people not to work…If that theory worked, the government should pay everyone not to work.

This is the same theory that told him in his first term that a trillion dollar stimulus would be the most effective tool there is to boost our economy.

Here’s a short piece from Commentary that ties together government’s self-interest in the belief in Keynesian economics and global warming.

Orwellian Train Wreck

131019White House Glossary Orwellian Train WreckIt turns out ObamaCare really is a train wreck.

Republicans tried to delay it and were denied. Then they tried to defund it and the result was a government shutdown.

Even though it was far from their goal, had the Republicans succeeded, they would have saved the president’s signature program a lot of embarrassment.

Orwellian White House

Instead, the White House called  the Tea Party’s efforts to stop the train wreck “terrorism“.

The same administration, four years ago, labeled the killing of 13 troops at Fort Hood in the name of Islam, “workplace violence“.