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The Facebook IPO is a train wreck so far. There were problems at NASDAQ with the launch but Gordon Crovitz in the WSJ says people just don’t click Facebook ads enough. Then there’s this:

Why did Facebook go public?

They couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either.



JP Morgan lost not quite as much as the federal government borrows in a day.

Facebook IPO


Even cartoonists know old inefficient businesses need to be destroyed to make way for new and better things. Otherwise we’d be drawing on cave walls instead of computers.

Port Authority

Dockworkers and truckers on the west coast were largely ungracious about the Occupy movement’s efforts on their behalf. Protesters attempted to disrupt capitalism by shutting down ports from San Diego to Anchorage, causing workers to be sent home without pay.

The president, who disrupted the the Keystone Pipeline and the jobs that go with it, has previously said of the protesters, “you are the reason I ran for office“.