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Government War on Women


Now that women are eligible for combat top army and marine generals said last week they must register for the draft.

Government War on Women

Later in the week the CDC piled on in the government war on women. It ordered  fertile females not to drink unless they’re on birth control.

 Update: Here’s a column by David French in National Review on why it would be “barbaric” to draft women into combat.

New York Values

160116-new-york-valuesTed Cruz stood up to Trump in the Charleston debate but the “New York values” card backfired on him.

The Donald gave an eloquent response about 9/11. Some of us here in flyover country actually kind of admire New York. And when Cruz said he meant New Yorkers aren’t conservative Trump mentioned that William F. Buckley was a New Yorker.

New York Values

Meanwhile many actual New York voters were pissed. At least the ones at the Daily News were.

Update: Kevin Williamson (who writes for Buckley’s magazine National Review) defends New York values and says of Cruz, “He is a very, very smart man who apparently believes that the median Republican presidential primary voter is very, very dumb.”


Tashfeen Malik

151212-tashfeen-malikTashfeen Malik left her 6 month old baby with her mother-in-law and then joined her husband, Syed Farook, on a suicidal killing spree.

While trying to comprehend this I came across a letter to America written by Osama bin Laden in 2002 explaining “why they hate us”. The text was published here in the The Guardian.

I still don’t get it.

Prayer Shaming


Prayer shaming went viral last week. Some on the left seem more upset with Christians, Jews, and Muslims who pray than radical Muslims who kill.

After the terror attacks in France, and San Bernardino, and the shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, normal people and politicians did the only thing they could – they offered their thoughts and prayers.

That was a prayer too far for some in the gun control crowd. And so the prayer shaming began.

This was the front page of the The New York Daily News on December 3. Front Page New York Daily News Dec 3. 2015The paper complained that Republicans were “preaching about prayer” instead of getting your guns.

The NYT ran its first front page editorial in 95 years demanding confiscation of “assault style” weapons. (NR Online notes that sort thing had zero success preventing the attack in Paris where gun laws are stricter than anything being called for here.)

Even my old Tropic editor at the Miami Herald, Gene Weingarten, tweeted, “Dear “thoughts and prayers people”: Please shut up and slink away. You are the problem and everyone knows it.” He now says he respects people who pray. He claims he was only bashing politicians who offer platitudes instead of action. Gene is a very funny guy. I know for a fact he’s more interested in poop than prayer.

Molly Hemingway in the Federalist, however, is serious about prayer. She says the left prays to its god of government.

If some in the media didn’t want God to “fix this” at least one of the victims did. Townhall says that Holly Petit asked for prayers as the shooting raged around her at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino.  She survived.


Playboy for Millennials


In an effort to capture the attention of millennials, Playboy is ditching naked ladies.

It worked for the website. According to Bloomberg:

Last year, cleaned up its website to make it “safe for work,” and has since seen its monthly unique Web visitors rise fivefold. The median age of those visitors dropped to 30 years-old from 47 as a result — “an attractive demographic for advertisers,” the company said.

Come to think of it, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is the original pajama boy.