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The Bishop


the bishop

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Monty Python had a  sketch called The Bishop. The Bishop was always arriving moments too late to save a priest from imminent demise.

That Bishop was Episcopalian and a thug. But the real news recently has been about Roman Catholic Bishops and the pervert priests they protect.

A Pennsylvania grand jury accused 300 priests of sexually abusing over 1,000 children over the past 70 years.

Where do we get such men you may wonder? Seminaries. The former Archbishop of Washington, DC Cardinal Theodore McCarrick allegedly sexually molested young seminarians. He was kind of a Harvey Weinstein of the church.

The current Washington archbishop, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, called the news about his predecessor “a terrible disappointment.”



Antifa Hate Warriors


There was an alt-right white supremacist rally in Washington over the weekend. But only  twenty people showed up. Without their tiki torches.

White supremacists aren’t what they used to be.

Still a couple hundred Antifa were on hand to battle the hate. Mostly they did that by threatening cops, journalists and President Trump.


Facebook Likes Your Bank Account

facebook likes your bank account

Facebook says it would like to add your bank account to its data mining operations.

Zero Tolerance

zero tolerance

President Trump’s zero tolerance didn’t last long.The WSJ has a story about Honduran mothers with children on the wrong side of the border. They waited to be arrested. Border patrol agents obliged them and then took mother and child to a processing center.

Robert De Niro Hollywood Wit

Robert De Niro is a wit sandwich.

He was preceded in wit recently by Sammantha Bee. She called Ivanka a feckless c__t. And he was followed by Peter Fonda’s plea for Barron Trump to be kidnapped by pedophiles.

Hollywood Wit

But on the Radio City Music Hall stage for the Tony Awards, De Niro offered a simpler call to political action.  F__k Trump.

And he got a standing ovation.