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Playboy for Millennials


In an effort to capture the attention of millennials, Playboy is ditching naked ladies.

It worked for the website. According to Bloomberg:

Last year, cleaned up its website to make it “safe for work,” and has since seen its monthly unique Web visitors rise fivefold. The median age of those visitors dropped to 30 years-old from 47 as a result — “an attractive demographic for advertisers,” the company said.

Come to think of it, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is the original pajama boy.

Planned Parenthood Hearing


It hasn’t gone well for congressional Republicans since they drove out John Boehner last week.

Cecile Richards ran circles around grandstanding congressmen at a Planned Parenthood hearing this week.

And Boehner’s presumed heir to the House, Kevin McCarthy, wrote the Benghazi hearings into Hillary’s ongoing script of The Great Right Wing Conspiracy. Kathleen Parker explains here and Peggy Noonan here.

Ahmed’s Clock.


Fourteen year old Ahmed Mohamed made a clock and brought it to school. Ahmed’s clock doesn’t look like other clocks. It has a bunch of wires and gizmos inside a briefcase.

Ahmed showed it off to his engineering teacher who told him not to carry it around to his classes. That might be because he was afraid someone might mistake Ahmed’s clock for a bomb. Sure enough an English teacher did just that. Being a school, the place went berserk. Ahmed was handcuffed, questioned, and sent home.

Since he didn’t point a finger like a gun, or wave around a pop-tart chewed to look like a gun, he wasn’t suspended. But he is Muslim and his dad says that’s why he was profiled.

Kevin Williamson thinks Amhed looks like your average American high school nerd destined for Silicon Valley success. That didn’t keep him from from his 15 minutes of celebrity fame as an oppressed victim. Nor from an invitation to the White House by the president.


Fiorina Face Time


The consensus seems to be that Carly Fiorina, JV champ of the first Republican debate, was the winner of the second varsity debate.

Interestingly she did it on different sides of women’s issues. She roughed up The Donald implying he insulted all women by making fun of her appearance. Then she attacked federal funding for Planned Parenthood calling its trade in fetal body parts a question of “the character of our nation”.


Hillary Believes

150916-Hillary-BelievesHillary believes rape victims. Sometimes.

At a press conference this week Mrs. Clinton said college women who claim they were raped should be believed. She even reinforced her remarks by tweeting this little video saying you have a right to be believed.

A discredited Rolling Stone story earlier this year showed that’s not always the case.

What was Hillary thinking? Maybe was reaching out to Juanita Broaddrick. This is from a February 25, 1999 article by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post:

Juanita Broaddrick told her story to a national television audience last night, saying she did not tell authorities 21 years ago of her contention that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her because “I just don’t think anyone would have believed me.”