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Obama Bashes Brexit

brexitPresident Obama threatened Britons who favor a Brexit. A Brexit would be a British exit from the European Union in a referendum coming up June 23. Obama said if the UK leaves the EU it would have to move the back of the queue if it wants to do a trade deal with the US.

Obama prefers to deal with undemocratic bureaucrats in Brussels rather than Britons who prefer to retain their sovereignty in London. He claims it could take 10 years to reach a trade deal with an independent UK.

Obama’s intervention enraged London Mayor Boris Johnson who claimed Obama’s Kenyan background makes him hostile to the British Empire. That remark hi-lighted the special relationship between American and British students. Johnson was disinvited from a debate on the Brexit. British students also favor “safe spaces” to protect them from unpleasant ideas.

The Wall Street Journal points out that what Obama thinks may not matter since he’s a short termer.

Just Say No


Here’s a good example of a cartoon gone bad.

On Monday the NYT ran a story about the heroin epidemic spreading across the cities of America.

The Times editors chose to place that story on the front page, right next to Nancy Reagan’s obituary. That would be Nancy “Just Say No to Drugs” Reagan.

Considering that prescription drug abuse is soaring and pot is sold openly in Colorado and other states, it’s pretty clear that, 30 years after Nancy’s “Just Say No” campaign, quite a few Americans are saying “yes” to drugs.

Being a sucker for irony, I drew a cartoon and rushed it off to the syndicate. Only then did I stop to look at what I had drawn. I was perplexed by my own cartoon. It was true, but it was crass. Mrs. Reagan was devoted to President Reagan and the White House. I wasn’t thinking about dumping on her the day after her death but that’s the message my image conveyed.

Fortunately, I had failed to stick Muhammad in the picture so I would live to draw another day. 160307nancy

I asked the syndicate to withdraw the drug cartoon and dashed off the one above.

I guess this story is an example of the peculiar power of a picture.

Anyway, should you come across this cartoon, just say no.


Trump Naming Rights

160302-trump-naming-rightsObama won’t name our enemy. Trump would probably try to sell the naming rights to radical Islam.

The Donald isn’t guilty of false humility. In a way it’s kind of refreshing to have a candidate who doesn’t claim he was born in a log cabin. Or that his dad was a bartender, or a mailman, or that he’s ashamed that he’s rich.

But the novelty could wear off fast.

Breakfast with Bernie

On his way from Vermont to South Carolina, Bernie Sanders pulled off in New York for “half a cup of coffee” with Al Sharpton.

Breakfast with Bernie

The old white guy from 90% white Vermont is trailing Hillary by 40% for the minority vote.

Special Place in Hell


Hillary carried the 65-and-over female vote in New Hampshire. And that’s it. Bernie won the overall women’s vote 53% to 46%.

As for women 30 and under, well, there’s a special place in hell for them. 82% supported Sanders.

Politico tells us why.

Heather Wilhelm explores how women earned the right to be drafted.